My Printer Goes Offline Again & Again & How to Fix Printer Offline Error

First of all, we have to make sure that the printer is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC, laptop, and device that you are using and want to connect to. Printer Offline Errors, issues, problems, and other errors related to printers occur mostly for 3 main reasons listed below.


1. Faulty or Corrupted printer drivers

  • Installing printer drivers on your computer may be the big reason your printer offline error keeps going again and again as drivers may be faulty or corrupted by any bad software or the latest windows update can also cause the drivers problem. So check if you have the latest updated and compatible drivers installed on your computer.


2. Faulty USB Cable or USB Port

  • Check if your USB cable is attached to your computer’s working problem. Check for any damage to the cable or check if you are getting a USB not recognizing error message on your computer then consider replacing the USB cable.

3. Internet network connection problem

  • Check if your internet router working fine. check if there is any speed issue with the internet & then check if your wifi is working fine also check if your printer is connected to the correct network as because of this printer keeps going offline.


If Still Printer Offline Error occurs, call our support team on the toll-free number – 18009370172

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