How to fix common issues of printers? Here are some frequently asked questions:


How can I install the driver for the printer?

  • Get the driver from this link. The link gives the recent version of the printer driver that is suitable for the computer or laptop version of the operating system.
  • The driver software can be retrieved free of cost from the link.
  • Save it in your computer or laptop’s destination folder after downloading the driver.
  • Double-click the file of the driver and install it.
  • Go through the instructions on the screen and finish the installation process.

How should I connect my computer or laptop with the printer?

  • Link your printer via wired or wireless connection to the computer or laptop.
  • The wired link has two techniques, USB and Ethernet.
  • The type of wireless connection can vary according to the printer and computer specifications.
  • To connect devices, the latest version of the printer driver software suited to your computer or laptop’s operating system version can be downloaded and installed.
  • Select the connection method for the driver software installation.
  • Ensure that devices are connected to the same router or access point network.
  • In the same wireless network connect a printer and a router by using the Wireless option of the control panel of your Printer.