Brother Printer Showing Offline

Brother Printer Showing Offline


How to fix brother printer showing offline Issue


The Brother printer keeps going offline because of multiple reasons that include-


  • Paper jam error.
  • Ink toner blockage.
  • The printer isn’t set as default.
  • An error within the network association between your pc and printer.
  • Due to the print job stuck in queue.
  • Corrupted or obsolete printer drivers.
  • If the printers ‘use offline mode’ is chosen, it’s going to additionally show the offline error.
  • Wrong printer settings.
Brother Printer Showing Offline

Follow The Below Given Steps to repair brother printer showing offline Error –

  1. Certify that Brother printer is set as Default printer in printers & scanners


If your brother printer isn’t set as a default, you will face Brother printer going offline downside. Follow the below-given steps to line your printer as default.


Firstly, visit the ‘Control panel’ by exploiting Windows search choice.


Once ‘Control Panel’ opens, click on ‘Devices and Printers’. The next printer list can seem within the show.


Right-click on your Brother printer from the list of shown printers and choose the choice of ‘Set as Default Printer.


Now restart your printer to envision if your offline downside is resolved or not.



  1. Fix Brother printer offline error on Windows by ‘Unchecking’ offline standing


The second and foremost factor that you would like to try to do is uncheck the choice of ‘Use Printer Offline. This within most cases can solve your criticism of ‘Why Brother printer goes offline. Sometimes Connect Wi-Fi To Brother Printer to solve your same issue.


Just follow the below-mentioned steps to repair Brother Printer is offline in Windows ten error –


Firstly, open the electrical device from the beginning button and click on on ‘Devices and Printers’ choice.


Right-click the Brother print icon and select ‘see what’s printing.


Thereafter, click on printer choice from the highest of the windows and check if there’s any tick on the ‘use printer offline’ choice. If there’s a tick, uncheck it by clicking thereon.


Now, click once more on the printer choice from the highest and choose ‘cancel all documents’ choice.


Hope this answer can assist you to fix the error of ‘Brother printer keeps going offline Windows 10’



  1. Clear and Restart Print Spooler – If Print Job in Queue


The printer offline issue will simply be mounted by restarting the print spooler services. simply follow the below steps –

Open the Service Windows by exploiting windows search or run command.

Tap on the ‘Print Spooler’ within the paw panel from the service window.

Right-click on the ‘Print Spooler’ choice and choose the ‘Stop’ choice.

Fire up File mortal and browse to the subsequent location—or simply copy and paste this text into your File mortal address bar & click Enter

Type C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS

Press the delete key to remove all files from the printer folder.

Go back to the ‘Print Spooler’ choice Right-click thereon and choose the ‘Start’ choice to run the spooler service once more.

Furthermore, make sure that the beginning up a variety of spooler is chosen as ‘Automatic’.

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